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DeiSaku – Fanfic Ch. 6

Sakura gave into Deidara’s kiss. She was engulfed within his arms. She felt protected and loved in that brief moment. Deidara pulled his lips away from Sakura’s and looked into her eyes. They were glistening green. They had a sparkle in them that he found truly beautiful. Sakura lifted her hand up and ran her fingers across her partner’s cheek and kissed his lips again. They both smiled at each other warmly.

There was a knock at the door and a masked man barged into the room. Deidara and Sakura jumped apart suddenly.

Sakura gawped at the man in the doorway, who was standing atop the broken front door, “Kakashi-sensei!?”

“Sorry to interrupt a tender moment, Sakura, but Tsunade-sama needs you urgently,” Kakashi relayed the message that he had been told.

“What? Now?” Sakura looked aghast at Kakashi.

“Yes now! There has been an attack on the northern border,” Kakashi exclaimed, “People have been wounded, Tsunade-sama needs your help to take care of them.”

Sakura nodded. She looked at Deidara, “Deidara I have to go, you stay here.”

Deidara sighed and nodded in obedience.


Sakura looked down at the bodies of the fallen shinobi. Her face was strewn with sorrow as she saw the limp body of Yamanaka Ino. Sakura knelt down next to her former best friend’s body. She touched her face and it was icy cold.

“Come on, Ino-Pig, wake up,” Sakura choked, “Wake up!”

Sakura shook Ino’s body as hard as she could but her friend did not stir. Kakashi came up behind Sakura and placed his hand on her shoulder to try to comfort her.

“What happened here?” Sakura looked up at her sensei, her eyes streaming with tears.

“I’m not sure, Tsunade-sama said that it was just an attack and that there were only a couple of injured,” Kakashi looked down at Sakura, “But this looks more like a massacre.”

Sakura lifted up the body of her friend and carried her to a stretcher beside many other deceased shinobi.

Tsunade strode up to Sakura and embraced her, “I am sorry for your loss, Sakura.”

Sakura gripped onto Tsunade’s body as if the reassurance of her body would make everything better. Sakura’s eyes welled with hot tears once again.

Kakashi looked at the lifeless bodies, “Tsunade-sama, what happened here?”

Tsunade gave Kakashi a grim look, “We don’t know exactly what happened, but we speculate that rogue ninjas attacked last night, in the stealth of night.”

“How did they get past our scouts?”

Tsunade heaved a sigh, “They too were slaughtered. We found the bodies of about six more Konoha shinobi about half a kilometre north from here.”

Sakura pulled away from Tsunade and looked once again at the bodies.

Tsunade rested her slender hand on Sakura’s shoulder, “I sent Yamanaka here along with the others. It is my fault; I thought that they would be able to handle the intruders. I was wrong, so wrong.”

“Tsunade-sama it is not your fault,” Kakashi said sternly, “You had no idea that this was going to happen.”

Tsunade looked to Sakura for any signs of shame from her former protégé.

“Kakashi-sensei is right, it wasn’t your fault,” Sakura agreed with Kakashi, “You had no idea what would happen.”

Tears now poured down Sakura’s pale face and her green eyes were surrounded by red, blood-shot skin.

“Kakashi, take Sakura back to her apartment. She needs rest,” Tsunade said as she turned to her subordinate, “Then come back here and help with the deceased.”

Kakashi gave Tsunade a nod, grabbed Sakura and quickly set off back to Sakura’s apartment.


Deidara sat alone in the lounge room of Sakura’s apartment. Sakura had been out for about three hours now and Deidara started to have a sinking feeling deep down in his stomach that something had gone wrong.

Deidara stretched out his arms above his head and yawned. Waiting was something that he hated.

A loud knock came from the front door once again and Deidara rushed to open it. He opened the door quickly almost making Kakashi and Sakura fall on top of him. Deidara’s gaze was fixed on Sakura, she was leaning on Kakashi’s shoulder; her face was glistening with tears.

“What happened, Sakura-chan?” Deidara grabbed Sakura just as she was about to fall from exhaustion.
Deidara looked at Kakashi with worry spread all over his face, “What happened, Kakashi-sama?”

Kakashi looked down, “Sakura’s former best friend passed on in the battle along with many others. She is pretty shaken up; take care of her. She needs someone to look after her, she has been through a lot recently.”

“I will, un,” Deidara promised Kakashi sincerely.

Kakashi then turned and sped down the hallway and out of sight.

Deidara shut the door and helped Sakura to the lounge, laying her down gently on the soft pillows.

Sakura looked at Deidara, “You don’t have to comfort me, you know.”

“Don’t be silly, un,” Deidara patted Sakura on the head, “You’re my partner now and I’ll stick with you through thick and thin.”

Sakura looked at Deidara in astonishment.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Deidara looked sternly at Sakura, “I know the pain of losing someone who you could consider as a best friend.”

“Y-you have?” Sakura blinked.

“Yeah, Sasori-dana,” Deidara sighed, “I looked up to him so much, and then you just had to go and take him out!”

Sakura felt a strong wave of guilt sweep over her. She sat up and looked away from Deidara. She just couldn’t bear to look at him.

“It’s alright, I don’t blame you for his death,” Deidara smiled gently, “It was his own lust for power that consumed him. Heh. If I had of continued with him, I would’ve met the same demise as him.”

Sakura hugged Deidara warmly, as if begging him for forgiveness.

Deidara returned the hug to show her that he completely forgave her. He smiled while hugging her. He knew it. He was in love.
well chapter 6... sorry that its late...i've been kinda busy with school and other things... making me not really in the mood to write something with romance in it but here you go you vultures! lol jks.

plz enjoy and thank you for reading my fanfic :D
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